What isInvolved?

Just a few simple steps gets you going

2021 will be a year that good local destination advice will be more important to a traveller than ever before.
With you onboard we can go a long way to solving this.

We give you the tools

The App

  • Give You Hangout Local Access
  • Pre populate with the basic resort information
  • Associate your account with your local destination.

Social Media

  • Set up fully branded destination based Social Media pack. (Facebook, Instagram)
  • We will set up a Facebook local community group that you will be able to help manage.
  • Supply professionally designed resort specific posts to get you going.

Hangout on Holiday Website

  • Website access to all Resort information and Tours & Activities.
  • Share to Social Media

How to Get Started

Once you have downloaded the Hangout on Holiday App and created your account you are ready to get started.

Quick Training

  • We will provide one to one Training on how to use the system.
  • We will send you documents for reference
  • Add you to the Private Hangout Locals Facebook Group

Update Your Resort

  • Check and Update your resort section.  Add Local Places and images.

Hangout on Holiday Website

  • Website access to all Resort information and Tours & Activities.
  • Share to Social Media

How to Generate Revenue

We are not asking you just to do this for the love of your destination, we have a number of ways you will be able to generate revenue from this.

Promote Tours & Activities

We will have already contracted and vetted a local DMC (Destination Management Company) in your local area that will provide us with a full portfolio of bookable tours & activities.  Any bookings that are made from your destination will generate a commission that we will split with you. 

Offer Hangout Hotels

If you introduce any accommodation providers (Hotels, Apts., Campsites or villas) to Hangout Hotels then you will receive a commission from the set up fee and then the ongoing monthly fee.  For more information on Hangout Hotels please click here.

Advise tour operator guests

We have a number of Tour Operators and OTA's that our eager to utilise your knowledge to help their guests.  If you are lucky enough to be in a destination required by one of our partners then you will receive a monthly set fee per tour operator.

Day to Day things to do

Be Social

With the Social Media pages we set up for you we will help you grow a community for you to promote the services.
  • Share and Post.
  • Broadcast.  Shout about what is going on via Video
  • Answer questions and make a name for yourself
  • Use the Group Chat on the APP

Answer Questions and Post Updates

  • Guests using the APP will contact you to ask questions and advice.  This is a great way of building a great relationship with them even prior to them arriving in your destination.
  • Post regular updates on the Resort Group Chat.  Any message you post here will automatically be sent to all the guests on holiday at that time and they will receive a push notification on their phone.

Promote the service 

There are a number of revenue generating opportunities that we will give you.  By promoting the service to as many people as you can will help you generate even more commissions.

Claim Your Destination

If you are interested in becoming the Hangout Local for your area then simply click the button below and send some details about yourself. 
We need people from all over the world.