Your Resort is Going Digital!

Are you ready for summer 2021

If you sell Trips & Events, allow us to show you how you can sell more

If you already have a business supplying and selling excursions, then we would like to talk to you about how we can help you to sell them to people travelling to your destination.

The COVID Pandemic has forced more people than ever to use mobile platforms to communicate and buy things online. When people do start travelling again, their holiday experience will be no different, they will communicate and book experiences using Apps.

Selling trips in resort has previously relied on printed marketing material, resort kiosks, tour operators and street sellers. Summer 2021 will see the advent of more digital sales platforms as people’s behaviours will demand a more digital experience to plan and enjoy their holidays.

We have been producing Travel APPS for many years and have produced some of the most sophisticated Travel APPS you can find.

Hangout On Holiday

Our B2C brand for travellers

Hangout Hotels

Is our Property Brand, any hotel can feature and sell your excursions via the App to their guests.

We have also produced Apps for

  • TUI’s – Destination Services
  • Youth Specialist – Party Hard Travel


Our B2C brand for travellers

How it Works

We Add the trips to our APP Portfolio

Customers can Book these excursions via the APP whilst sitting on a sunbed by the pool or on the beach.

No Technical integration required

In addition, our live chat system allows us to broadcast news to guests in resort – could be sales promotions, like promoting tomorrow’s trips or could be weather warnings – anything really.

Become a Reseller

New in summer 2021, we are offering you the chance to become a reseller of your own platform.  
Offer your clients (Tour Operators, Hotels, Resorts) the chance to have their very own branded APP fully loaded with your services and integrated into your systems and add a fantastic new revenue channel to your business

Open up a New Revenue Source

Digitising your services enables you to offer your hotel & operator clients a fast and easy platform that will enhance their guests travel experience.

We will create this for you.  Tell us what services you want to provide in the platform and we will set everything up.  Integrate your booking system, link your portfolio of Tours & Activities and integrate your Transfer service.  

Once we have all of your services integrated into our central Database you can then approach all of your operator clients and offer then a digital PAAS (Platform as a Service) option for their very own branded APP, pre loaded with all of your services.